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Our Services

Envirolight Recycling was born out of the problem: that here was no effective way to safely dispose of fluorescent bulb in an environmentally friendly manner.

Understanding Your Issues

Waste from spent lightbulbs poses a problem for large organizations as lightbulbs contain many hazardous materials that cannot be disposed of through conventional methods.

Meeting Your Needs

Every organization is unique and has its own needs for sustainable waste management. Therefore, we customize each of our lightbulb recycling programs to fit your organization’s unique requirements, creating a comprehensive plan to keep toxic waste out of our landfills.

Our Process

Our focus is to design a customized, cost-effective program specific to the needs of your organization to build a ground-up light recycling program, including:

  • Supply of packaging materials for easy collection and storage
  • Pick-up and shipping
  • Use of industry leading recycling systems
  • Provision of recycling certificates

Get Started

Contact us today to learn how EnviroLight Recycling can help make your building as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible.