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Our Story

Envirolight Recycling was born out of the identification of a problem: There was no effective way to safely dispose of fluorescent bulb in an environmentally friendly manner.

The Problem

EnviroLight Recycling began when an EnviroRentals customer requested a mercury detector for testing airborne contaminants from broken fluorescent light bulbs. Intrigued by this test, Kae and his team began running their own experiments and were shocked by the high levels of mercury released from broken tubes.

The Promise

Following this discovery, the EnviroLight Recycling team began tracking the journey of spent fluorescent bulbs to determine how the mercury was being handled. Eventually, this led them to landfill sites, where piles of fluorescent tubes sat on the ground broken, with toxic chemicals leaking into the air and soil. While the landfill operators were aware of the dangers, the admitted they had no way of changing this process. Kae’s promise to the landfill workers was the same one EnviroLight Recycling makes to its customers: to find a way to effectively handle, recover and recycle the hazardous materials used in fluorescent lightbulbs.

The Solution

Kae’s research led him to EDS lamp recycling in Winnipeg, which had developed a zero pollution recycling process with 99.9% recovery success. Within days, he flew to Winnipeg to meet system developer Gord Lenz and see the recycling system in action. Upon seeing the revolutionary new solution, Kae immediately began developing a system to safely and reliably ship spent bulbs to the EDS plant (the only one of its kind in Canada), until such a time when more plants could be built.

Moving Forward

Customers immediately saw the value of the program as the Town of Cochrane, Town of Canmore, and Calgary School Board quickly became EnviroLight Recycling customers. Our vision for the future is to create a cleaner, more sustainable future through the elimination of toxic waste from lightbulbs. With the Canadian Federal Government reviewing legislation mandating fluorescent bulb recycling, the time is now to begin positioning your company to be a champion for the environment.